• Obfuscate your addresses so they're not tracked by spambots
  • The emails are decoded with Javascript
  • Invisible to the users
  • Works on all browsers
  • Really easy and fast!

FAQ - MailtoEncoder

I still don't get it, what does this site do?

Ok, let's try to explain it.

A common scenario: you have a site and decide to put your email on say your contact page. Your site gets crawled by search engines, and your webpages show in the results. All of a sudden a lot people can reach your site, even if they don't know the address. This means that anyone can reach your site by either searching for something on a search engine, typing your website address or following a link (if anyone links to your site).

So far so good.

Now there's this spammer guy who loves to use his spammer sofware bot to crawl websites (maybe randomly or using a specific keyword to target his search) and create a juicy list of emails (and probably while he does it he's evilly laughing supervillain style ).

If your email address is in plain text on the source code of your webpage, chances are that this evil genius will get it. But if your address is in a format that makes the job of figuring it out more difficult (like the code we give you does!) you increase the chances of not getting on this spammers victim list (and now you should say a-ha!).

Can I use this code in other places, like PDFs, Word documents or my email signature?

No, this code only works in web pages.

You don't need to use it on your email signature because your emails are not public, therefore, spammers can't see it.

Do you guys store the emails the site encodes?

No, all the coding occurs on your computer, client-side. No email address is ever transferred to our servers for the encoding to take place.

Is this a foolproof solution?

Sadly, no, although it's safer than just putting your email in plain text on your website.

The good news is we're working on improving the algorithm to produce harder to crack code, always trying to be one step ahead of spam software.

Can I help somehow?

Yes, please! Help us spread the word with the mailtoencoder badges.

Stop spam, encode your address Stop spam, encode your address

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